About TraffiGlove

We’re on a mission to reduce workplace hand injuries and help companies save money.


TraffiGlove are the original inventors of the colour coded safety glove system.


The TraffiSystem makes it easy to identify the level of cut protection required, based on the EN 388 test for cut resistance, even at a glance or from a distance.



Suitable for lower cut risk tasks only, such as general product handling, warehouse and assembly line work and some low risk construction jobs. They’re a good choice for visitors on site, in order to comply with safety regulations.


Ideal for second fix construction, mechanical and electrical trades, steel fixing and handling materials with sharp edges. The gloves in this range are finished with a variety of coatings.


The best choice for higher cut risk tasks like applying cladding, demolition, steel fabrication and handling glass or sheet metal with cut edges. They also provide the higher levels of protection necessary when dealing with unknown risks, such as in the waste and recycling industries. 



The importance of your hands can’t be overstated, so it goes without saying everyone deserves the best in hand protection. That’s why we go the extra mile.


  • Innovation. We’re always at the forefront of innovation. Whether it’s new gloves with increased comfort and dexterity, or longer wear life and higher levels of protection, our latest products cover it all. Listening to customer feedback on how our range should evolve is a vital part of this process.
  • Listening, Learning, Advising. Because everyone deserves the best, we won’t be quick to prescribe you a glove without understanding the task in hand. We want to learn about the nature of the work, the issues being faced and implement free user trials where necessary to help find the best suited product.
  • Aligning & Improving. We’ll work closely with Health and Safety Managers to align our support and product offering with your company objectives. This way, we can be sure to reduce hand injuries and increase safety awareness across the board.
• Rollout & After Support. We understand our job isn’t done after you make your TraffiGlove purchase. In many ways, it can be just the beginning. We’re here to help promote worker buy in to your hand protection programme, through Toolbox Talks, glove posters and other collateral that’ll make selection and compliance easier.